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Robert Brodschneider
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University of Graz
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RB is engaged in research on the honey bee.
His major research interests are: Fundamental research in physiology - metabolism - behavior - nutrition of social insects - the honey bee in particular.
Since 2008 coordinator of the survey of winter losses of honey bee colonies in Austria - research on identification of associated risk factors and on colony dynamics.
Since 2013 executive committee member of COLOSS (
Since 2014 Co-chair of the international Colony losses monitoring group of COLOSS - together with Alison Gray.
Experience in citizen science projects: C.S.I. Pollen - Citizen scientist investigation on pollen diversity forage available to honey bees. An international study coordinated by Sjef van der Steen and Robert Brodschneider.
Member of the Citizen Science Association (
Editor of Bee World (

Apitox, BEEBOOK, B-RAP, CSI Pollen, Monitoring, Nutrition, Small hive beetle, Survivors, Sustainable bee breeding, Varroa control, Velutina, Virus

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