The Ambeessadors is a collective/consultancy with the dual mission of connecting the bee community and spreading awareness of and appreciation for the importance of bees — and other pollinators — through events, research, education, advocacy, art, and more. With others from the Survivors Task Force, Steve is the Project Lead for Honey Bee Watch, the multi-year, global citizen-science study to better understand the biological, behavioral, and environmental traits of survivorship among untreated and free-living honey bee colonies.
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Bees Without Borders: live-streamed conference

This live-streamed conference, “Bees without Borders,” explores the topic of honey bee colonies living on their own, based on the research and experience in francophone countries. The conference will be in French with simultaneous translations into English and German. “Bees Without Borders” takes place on 21 November 2020 (9–16h CET) and is organized by FREETHEBEES in…