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BEELIFE Online training on how to data cleaning and integration

Dear COLOSS colleagues, BeeLife are organising a second online training within the EUBP Platform Project. This time Michael Rubinigg, a Data Scientists specialised in Data Quality Management, will introduce to us to the Best Practices on how to clean data and ensure its easy integration into wider databases. Michael is a biologist, holding a PhD in Plant Physiology, specialised in apiculture, bee health,…

Lethal, sublethal, and combined effects of pesticides on bees: A meta-analysis and new risk assessment tools

Abstract Multiple stressors threaten bee health, a major one being pesticides. Bees are simultaneously exposed to multiple pesticides that can cause both lethal and sublethal effects. Risk assessment and most research on bee health, however, focus on lethal individual effects. Here, we performed a systematic literature review and meta-analysis that summarizes and re-interprets the available…