13. December 2022

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Controlling varroa mites infesting honeybees (Apis mellifera L.) Using some essential oils and amitraz under colony conditions

The biggest difficulty for beekeepers in the globe is the Varroa mite. So, the honey production and the mortality of adult honeybees are damaged by this pest. Therefore, this study tested some essential oils and chemicals (amitraz), for the control integrated on Varroa destructor and affected of (Apis mellifera L.). Five essential oils (garlic oil,…

Antibiotic treatment (Tetracycline) effect on bio-efficiency of the larvae honey bee (Apis mellifera jemenatica)

Honey bees are important for ecological health, biodiversity preservation, and crop output. Antimicrobials, like Tetracyclines, are commonly used in agriculture, medicine, and beekeeping, bees might be exposed to Tetracycline residues in the environment either directly or indirectly. This study aimed to determine the effect of antibiotic treatment (Tetracycline) effect on the Bio-efficiency of the larvae…