Postdoctoral position: Research Project “BeeGuards” @ Kirchhain, Germany

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A postdoctoral position in the research project “BeeGuards” is available at the Bee Institute Kirchhain of the Landesbetrieb Landwirtschaft Hessen ( BeeGuards is an international collaborative project, funded by the EU under the Horizon Europe framework.

The project aims at exploring the effects of abiotic factors (management including different varroa control concepts, climate and environment) on health, vitality and productivity of honey bees. Colony performance and survival under varying management and environmental conditions will be comparatively assessed in an international field experiment and complemented by tailored laboratory experiments that address specific questions of individual honey bee health and immunity.

The responsibilities of the position include:

  • Managing the international field study
  • contributing to a book of methods
  • providing support to participants in partner countries
  • planning and conducting workshops for participants
  • analysis and dissemination of results

We are looking for a highly motivated person with proven expertise in honey bee biology and practical experience in beekeeping, who enjoys working in an international consortium but is also capable of communicating with beekeepers and the general public.

Applicants should have a MSc. or Diploma degree in biology, environmental science, agriculture, or related disciplines. We also expect skills in experimental field research (beekeeping, field experiments), statistical data analysis and experience in scientific writing. A driver’s license and excellent communication skills in both German and English are required. The candidate is expected to work both individually and in close contact and collaboration with the international consortium partners.

The position is located at the Bee Institute Kirchhain (Germany).

For further information, please contact Dr. Marina Meixner (

Salary and benefits are according to public service positions in Germany (TV-H, EG13, 75%).

The position is for a duration of two and a half years with an earliest start date of January 1, 2024.

Please find more details and instructions for application at