Postdoctoral position: Honeybee welfare and protection @ SLU, Uppsala, Sweden

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Given the increasing interest in keeping honeybees, the practices employed in apiculture and how they impact the physiological and behavioural wellbeing of honeybees need comprehensive evaluation to ensure the protection of honeybees and improve the competitiveness and sustainability of beekeeping.

This project aims to define and improve honeybee welfare by assessing the full extent of honeybee ethical and welfare issues and stakeholder attitudes and values to these concepts, and by quantifying welfare parameters under different types of management to establish a baseline for honeybee welfare assessment, while comparing management approaches from a welfare perspective.

Duration: 2-years with possibility for extension
Start date: As soon as possible, according to agreement
Application deadline: 25 February 2024.

The position will be placed within the honeybee research group at the Department of Ecology, at the Swedish University of Agricultural Science in Uppsala Sweden. The postdoc candidate will also have a close working collaboration with colleagues in ethics, ethology and animal welfare research at the Department of Animal Environment and Health to stimulate the welfare perspective of this project.

We are searching for a junior researcher with a doctoral degree in biology, zoology, ecology, animal science or veterinary medicine and have a research focus in animal and/or insect welfare, or insect pathology. Prior experience working with honeybees is a merit, as well as studies in ethics or philosophy.

For more details and information to apply, please visit this page.

Barbara Locke, Associate Professor