“The Dark Side of the Hive” a very inspiring new book about honey bees

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The Dark Side of the Hive – The Evolution of the Imperfect Honey Bee

Robin Moritz, Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg
Robin Crewe, University of Pretoria

  • The first book of its kind to demonstrate the more maladaptative tendencies of a honey bee society
  • Focuses on the perspective and role of the individual worker bee in the colony
  • Provides insights into the controversy over the decline of honey bee populations and situates this issue in a global context

Dissects the various careers that individual male and female honey bees can take and their role in colony organization. Competition between individuals using both physical and chemical force drives colonial organization. This book deals with individual mistakes, maladaptations and evolutionary dead-ends that are also part of the bees’ life. The story told about these dark sides of the colony spans the full range of biological disciplines ranging from genomics to systems biology.

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