Pollinator session at SETAC Europe meeting in Dublin

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Dear colleagues,

For the upcoming SETAC Europe meeting in Dublin (Ireland; April 30th – May 4th) we have initiated a dedicated pollinator session again. Consequently, we want to invite you to contribute to this session (2.11 | New Approaches and Methodologies for the Future Direction of Pollinator Health and Safety) with an abstract for an oral presentation and/or poster.

See the website for details:


This session is meant to provide a platform to better understand, disentangle, and mitigate the effects of threats to pollinators in the current day agricultural and non-agricultural world. As a result we might need to expand the traditional pollinator protection strategies (e g. risk assessment and land management practices etc.) to match existing but also new challenges. Therefore, this session aims to provide a holistic overview of factors impacting pollinator health and diversity.

These contributions can include, but are not limited to new risk assessment perspectives (e.g., exploring multi stressor assessment), alternative perspectives (e.g., product life cycle assessments), and emerging methodologies (e.g., NAMS; such as toxicogenomic and other in vivo, in vitro & in silico approaches), which aim to quantify or mitigate the impact of anthropogenic stressors on all levels of organizations starting from individual pollinator species up to population and landscape level. This can also include presentations on approaches to improve pollinator health in the context of ecosystem services.

We hope to have sparked your interest in our session and are excited to receive your abstracts. As SETAC trims the session duration to the actual abstracts received (and the competition with other topics) and consequently we cannot guarantee any definitive spots in the program up front. We estimate this will be decided early 2023. If you have further questions on the session or the procedure, do not hesitate to contact Tobias or Ivo.

With kind regards,

Chair: Tobias Pamminger
Co-chair: Ivo Roessink
Co-chair: Silvio Erler
Co-chair: Alessio Ippolito